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Council for Responsible Business and Management


With our network of management, business and entrepreneurship professionals from academia and consulting firms, we play a central role in shaping a global approach to teaching management, business and entrepreneurship, providing unique information, research, networking and debate on innovation and best practice.

If you are interested, you can become a member of the CRBME.

Full membership members are legitimate educational associations and organizations, such as universities, colleges, private schools and any certificates awarded by educational institutions, that meet the required criteria and are committed to developing their programs and practices to improve teaching and learning at the highest level.

Thanks to this division, almost any association, company or organization that would like to prove its quality and interest in high standards in the provision of education can become our member and help us increase opportunities in business education.

According to the possibilities of each organization that would like to become our member, we distinguish three basic types of membership:

Types of membership

This type of membership is suitable for candidates who want all the benefits of CRBME membership. Members can be private associations, educational associations, universities, colleges and more. Our members are also development centers, companies, chambers of commerce, consulting agencies, employers' associations or any other organization with a direct interest in developing and improving the quality of educational standards in the business and management sector. Holders of full membership can take advantage of all the benefits that membership can provide them.

The affiliate is intended for organizations that are just emerging and interested in our membership, but are unable to meet all of our membership requirements. This type of membership can be sent for organizations, business schools, development centers and other companies that would like to prove their quality and high level of services provided without being full members.

Council for Responsible Business and Management

How to become a member?

Applying – You must first complete and submit an application, which will be processed immediately. The application contains only basic contact information about the institution requiring membership. Then the institution is contacted and all the details are processed.

Assessment of the application – each application must be assessed by the President of the CRBME. All applicants will then receive a notification of acceptance of their membership.

Pay the membership fee – the next step is to pay the membership fees. The price depends on the type of membership and whether the institution is based in the EU, the United States, Africa, Asia or Australia.

Access – when an institution becomes a valid member of the CRBME, it gains access to a virtual network where it can communicate with all other members and accredited institutions.

Annual reports – all CRBME members are required to complete a short report on their membership each year. Report forms are automatically sent to each institution at the beginning of the year.

Any member with a valid full membership may use the CRBME logo on their site. It is expressly forbidden to use referencing our organization unless you are full members.

The identity of members is often verified through agencies or future students, in the case of illegal use of the CRBME logo, steps are taken to remove the logo and a remedy is arranged.